Hardware JPEG2000 on Linux

On this page you can find a Linux driver for the Eurotech E0904 frame grabber for embedded surveillance/monitoring applications.

The hearth of this PC/104 board is the Analog ADV202 JPEG2000 codec. The board has other features suited for monitoring application such a hardware motion detector. For more information have a look at hardware description.

The JPEG2000 image format is well suited for monitoring applications since every single image is codified alone. The quality of the image is usually better than plain JPEG for a given image size. Another great advantage is that the user can fix the bit rate of the resulting data stream. On the other hand JPEG2000 encoding/decoding is quite a computationally intensive task so hardware implementations can provide great benefits in practical applications.

The current version of the driver is 2.2: e0904-2.2.tar.gz. A manual is available both online and in the source archive. The software is released under the GPL v.2, the complete license is in the tarball. Feel free to contact me for any information about the driver. New version of the driver will be published at https://www.evolware.org/j2k/.

A Windows CE driver is also available for the E0904. Please contact the Eurotech's or Parvus' sales department.

I wish to thank Eurotech for letting me work on this interesting project. And especially Luca Calligaris, Stefano Zanolin and Mauro Barella for their support. I wish to thank Christine Bako from Analog Devices for kindly an promptly answering my questions.