Professional services

EVOL S.R.L. offers Consulting services for:

  • Embedded Systems (Linux, Android, MCU): from low kernel level to high level applications and GUI.
    • Example platforms: ARM7, ARM9, XScale, PPC, Coldfire, MIPS, HCS12
    • Example CPUs: S3C2410/2440, AT91RM9200/SAM9260, EP93xx, CDB89712, PXA250/255/270, PPC405, AMD Alchemy Au1200/Au1550, MCF5272/5282, MC9S12NE64, Freescale i.MX23, i.MX28 and i.MX53, Marvell Kirkwood SOCs
    • Example OSes: Linux Embedded, Windows CE 4.2 and 5.0, Android, OS-less devices
    • Example applications: vehicle radiolocalisation, wireless data communication, industrial system monitoring, wearable computers, high precision measurement, dataloggers, entertainment systems for hotels, network management devices, refrigeration systems management
    • We have developed a solid experience in network protocols for specific applications like CAN, BACNET, LONworks.
  • Custom Software for Linux, Unix, Android and Windows
    • Low level drivers and code
    • Web Technologies (PHP, Javascript, JQuery, JSP, ASP, ASPX, WordPress, Joomla!)
    • Classic GUI based applications (Text, MFC, Qt, GTK)
    • DBMS planning, implementation and optimization
    • C/C++/Perl/Java/Python/LUA applications in various environments
    • Network servers and clients
    • Example applications: vehicle radiolocalisation cental station, highly configurable third-party application manager, kiosk software, network managers, entertainment services plugins (Music-on-demand, Video-on-demand, Internet-on-demand), assurance management software, secure shopping applications, software PLCs, remote management of green power plants.
  • Handheld and Mobile Applications
    • Software for PalmOS based devices
    • Software for Windows CE based devices
    • J2ME Midlets for Mobile Phones
    • Android applications and low level porting
  • Courses
    • Linux base
    • Linux system administration
    • Linux programming
    • Linux for the Embedded programming
    • Developing Web Applications
    • System Testing and Testing Automation
  • Networking and Security
    • Wired and wireless Network installation, testing, monitoring and debugging
    • Firewall, VPN, shaping and advanced configurations
    • Secure and authenticated tunnels and communication systems
    • High-availability and load-balanced systems
    • Secure computer access and secure data handling
    • Industrial and home automation networking
    • IPv6 migration
  • High Performance Computing Systems

    EVOL S.R.L.
    Via Roma 20, 34170 Gorizia, Italy
    P.I. 01071680316

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